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But really, my name is Alyssa and I am enrolled at SCSU studying either speech pathology, special education, or recreational therapy. This blog is for my EDU 106 class involving thoughts of class assignments along with some personal thoughts as well.


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I never thought that my Twitter would actually be used academically. But last night, I was involved in a Special Education chat. To know that I was apart of this particular chat on the Twitter sphere, I had to use the hashtag, .

At first, I decided to bookmark the Twitter feed tool named Tweet Deck on my browser because I noticed how my Professor used this to organize all the chats he's apart of. As soon as I was done setting up that bookmark, I logged on Twitter around 9:09 P.M. and saw how one of the three moderators, INIS Special Ed (Indiana Schools) (@INISSchoolsSpEd), tweeted welcoming everyone to the and encouraging everyone to introduce themselves. As told, I wrote a little intro stating, "Good evening everyone! My name is Alyssa & I'm considering studying Special Ed. I am taking @ SCSU.I'm happy to talk in this ." Instantly, I received a response from other Tweeters, welcoming me in the chat such as Natalie Krayenvenger (@NKrayenvenger), INIS Special Ed (@INISSchoolsSpEd), and Eric Fieldman (@mrfieldmanchs).

When I scrolled back in previous tweets before mine, I saw how the moderators, INIS Special Ed (@INISSchoolsSpEd), Jodi Click (@singoffpitch), and Karen (@Teach4SpclNeeds), tweeted how to answer the questions they propose by starting the Tweet reply with A1 signifying the answer for Q1 or Question 1 and using the hashtag . So I was impressed to see that this Twitter Chat was actually a lot more organized than I thought it was going to be. The chat would be very easy to follow due to using those two context tools.

From what I witnessed during the chat itself, I'd say the experts of this Twitter chat was the moderators I mentioned before. They proposed all the questions of the chat and made sure to to engage everyone involved in this chat. To be honest, I believe I was defiantly the noob involved in this chat. All the Tweeters that were involved in this chat all seemed to be Special Education teachers, connecting with another on Twitter, while I am just a college student with background working with Special Education students in a group called Unified Sports. The moderators and the rest of the Tweeters also seem to be the stand out leaders of this chat. Each person seem to have a strong passion for Special Ed and the desire to compare one another's ways used daily to better themselves. 

From this Twitter chat, I learned much more than I thought. The topic of this particular Special Ed chat was Student Motivation. The questions asked all about how everyone encourages their students in their school work, self regulate themselves and students, sustain the students' attention and effort, and much more. All the answers varied from all the people involved in this chat and really did give me new ways to motivate students I work with in the future to come. I saw how others also learned because some related how maybe they used the same methods. 

I believe all the voices were equal in this Twitter chat. Everyone seemed to get along with another just because each one seem to love what they do everyday. People left and right were relating with another. It was a very engaging and fun chat to be apart of. 

To actually read what the Twitter chat was all about, one of the mediators,Jodi Click (@singoffpitch) made an Storify website that involves all the tweets from start to finish. And to even be involved in this chat, the chat happens every Tuesday at 9-10 P.M. I hope to be more involved in this chat if I do end up choosing Special Ed as my career choice because I had a lot more fun than I though I'd have in a Twitter chat.

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