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Big Thinkers

1 min read

The video segment named Big Thinkers gave me an insight of Mimi Ito, who is a researcher, discuss her findings with young people living and learning new media. Nw media includes video games, social media, etc. She expressed her viewpoints and for the most part I agree with them especially when she talks about Gepetto. She discussed about a teen named Gepetto who was very interested in AMV, which are Anime music videos that fans express their views of characters and series in remix music videos. She said how Gepetto had his interests in AMVs that he then connected into peer culture of an online community of AMV fans that he then learned new ways to educate himself to other peers in his class of video editing tools. Basically, he did connected learning. In my eyes, I can defiantly see connected learning being used all over school systems because it helps incorporate each student with new ways of expressing their ideas and thoughts among others to better educate themselves. Ito really made sense in this video segment and I hope I'm not the only one who thinks she's got the right idea. 


Work Work WORK

1 min read

Being employed since I was 13, I understand that work is work and you have to do it even if you would rather not. This may sound sickening but I do work 3 jobs. I work in the summer mainly and year around when needed as an Arts and Crafts coordiator and helpful assistant in my town's park recreation camp sites and center. I am a sales associate at the lovely TJ Maxx and a "caghier chick"/assiciate at a local ice hockey and lacrosse store named, Whitie Bensens Athletic Equipment. Luckily for me, I get to throw in 2 classes at SCSU Monday-Thursday. You reading this right now may think, this lady has no life but rolls deep in moolah and that's pretty dang true. But I do though attempt to have a life such as right now, I'm heading down to the beach until I have work at 5:30 to 9:45 at the Maxx. Ah the struggles of work but it'll be worth it in the end. 



Did I mention I have to work 35 hours this week alone at the Maxx? 



First Chapters in 2 years

2 min read

Reading It's Complicated definitely opened my eyes a lot more than I planned. I grew up in the social media uprising but never really narrowed in on what social media brought upon others. The author, Danah Boyd, went all around the United States for 7 years, discussing various tidbits and stories from teens to young adults involving social media. He also really engages in discussion how their is such differences in adults and teens in the social media world making it a huge generational gap that I didn't notice as well before reading. One anecdote Boyd shared that I found the most interesting was about an article he read in the New York Times. Boyd discussed how the New York Times wrote an article back in 2008 named "Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK)," about a personal experience of a father who was driving his daughter and her friend around and they were talking where he engaged on their conversation with his views. The daughter and friend weren't impressed that even they even rolled their eyes and then narrowed in on their cell phones. The father then proceeds to comment on how rude the daughter is for texting on her phone than talking to her friend, and the sassy daughter tells him how she is actually texting her friend, sitting right next to her keep in mind, due to the fact that the daughter doesn't want to the father hear their conversation. I really was disgusted that the daughter felt the need to keep her father out of the conversation by talking out her cell phone and proceeding to text the friend that is most likely a couple inches away from her. Why couldn't the daughter just politely say, "Dad, I appreciate your opinion but my friend and I just want to talk among ourselves," or even just let her father engage in the conversation rather than shoo him away? Otherwise, the rest of these chapter readings by Boyd was extremely fascinating to read and actually kept my interest. Who would think that I would want to keep reading a class book after being out of school for two years? I really did surprise myself and hope to go back one day and finish this book.