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☀ the everyday life of the woman, the myth, the legend ☀
But really, my name is Alyssa and I am enrolled at SCSU studying either speech pathology, special education, or recreational therapy. This blog is for my EDU 106 class involving thoughts of class assignments along with some personal thoughts as well.



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This is my last blog entry for my class. I had a blast making a blog. I am so impressed with how I improved in just a semester. I would like to thank my Professor McVerry for guiding me in every assignment so I can succeed.

I believe I will start thinking of making a blog of my everyday life just because this class made me love to blog.

I hope I brought smiles to each and every one of you readers of my blog!

And make sure you check out my final for !!!!

EDU 106-80 FINAL


Alyssa Maddern


Shelly, not the one who sold seashells at the seashore🐚🌊

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Who would think that this semester is coming to an end? Not this lady.

In the last module, I had to read a few articles and I try to read the first one that pops out the most for me. The one that popped the most was named Shelly Terrell: Global Netweaver, Curator, PLN Builder by Howard Rheingold. The article stood out the most because the website was very inviting with the color scheme and exciting fonts.

Now you are probably trying to understand the title of this blog post. I'll get to that.

Howard Rheingold decided he really wanted to include social media in the classroom setting but had no knowledge of doing so. He reminded me of how I was back in the beginning of this semester and in all the subjects involved in this class. He went all over the web to find people who sought to learn how to "grow a personal learning network" (PLN) and stumbled upon a learning innovator named Will Richardson who then brought him to Shelly Terrell via Twitter conversations in the chat named . The was for people in the field of education who come together at a certain time and day each week to discuss educational topics on the social media website, Twitter.

From the program, Skype, Howard and Shelly were able to video chat and she expressed how she expressed in great, easy to understand detail about teaching by the use of social media. Shelly, to my surprise was from the other side of the world in the country of Turkey. She calls PLNs "passionate learning network" because she believes that it's YOU who has the option of choosing the people you want to connect with and learn from instead of choosing at a random. Shelly starts teaching her students the world of PLN by starting them off with blogs. Shelly states I get them to start out with blogs, shows them how to participate by commenting. They see how the conversation evolves. After they get comfortable, I encourage them to begin looking at other tools. Like our students, teachers evolve at different paces...You have to participate to build community." Shelly is not only a teacher but a tech savvy educator who obviously doesn't sell seashells at the seashore...HA

Shelly really did help Howard and myself how engaging students in the use of social media as a learning experience isn't as heard as it possibly can be. 

I can easily see Shelly's and hopefully Howard's students blogging as excitedly like Cookie from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide


stuff no one says
redoing my blog post tomorrow I guess.....


Hey now, hey now!

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While checking social media this mrning, on Facebook I saw that a friend of mine put that is now on the NY Yankees.


So I clicked the link he had and it seemed a bit fishy but I still wanted to figure out if this was just a prank or legit. Tommy is actually a really good baseball pitcher so I didn't know what I think.

After reading the little article, the screen changed to this below:

I was pretty embarrassed to say the least to be one of the 274 people who fell for this joke. I read on to find out that I could create my own too with this website. It reminded of a previous lesson I did for this EDU 106 class. I was able to remix websites by using Mozilla's XRay Goggles. 

I clicked the button below and was sent to this personalization form.

Overall, this blog post was written to show that remixing has been in front of me way before this class started and I never put it together until now. 

All I know is that I'm impressed social media for wanting to explore, edit, and personalize the web to what you want as much as Professor McVerry wants his students to do everyday.



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When I first went to the Identity module of this curriculum, I did my usual pondering of the readings. When I actually opened both readings, I realized that I have already read and annotated them. I'm still a bit confused on how I actually did that because this is the second to last module but here is one summary about the the first reading.

Donna Alvermann wrote the article, Reading Adolescents' Reading Identities: Looking Back to See Ahead. Alvermann wrote about how culture and identity molds us to overall the reader and person we are today. She then went on discussing what types of readers there are such as slow, avid, struggling, and the reader that's in between. From what I read, it seems like each student judges themselves from what they see as the standard they should be at and either feel disappointed in themselves or get motivated to do better. Alvermann continued on and discussed how culture and identity is a big role in making the type of reader they are. I beg to differ because someone's upbringings can make someone possibly struggle but then again can sometimes be totally opposite. In example, my close friend lost her father in middle school. She had a hard time focusing on her school work but still managed to pass. In high school, her mother decided to date again and actually met an awesome man. Even if she didn't have an ideal uprising, she continued to strive for success in school. She currently is half way finished studying dental hygiene and from what I know, reading is a big factor in studying and memorizing important topics.  So I don't believe that culture and identity have a way of controlling a person's reading speed, but their overall reaction of these two topics ake them who they are.

So just as Chandler Bing shows his anger towards his book, I too feel repulsed by Alvermann's outlook and article.



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If Tiny Fey says "wow" about my 6 word memoir, so should you!

click here!


"Your identity is a commodity"

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Yesterday's class was interesting to say the least. At first, we had our usual Maker Monday challenge. This week's challenge focused more on our module, identity. We used a gender remix website that included various video and sound clips of LEGO toys. Using our trackpad on our own laptop, each one of us in the class had to drag one clip from the Girl's side and Boy's side, into either the movie clip or sound clip box. After that simple maneuver, we pressed the "Mash-Up" button and a video played of whatever video clip was chosen with the selected added audio.

After rearranging the video and sound clips, it was evident that girls and boys' toys start giving gender identity roles at such a young age. Each girl video or sound had such a cheerful voice, actual feminine, girl characters to use, bright colors. Each boy video or sound had a manlier voice, showed violence, and even had a parental warning telling children to ask their parents/guardians before playing.

I never thought that children would be so exposed to making a choice of their gender identity. I know that when a child is born, they are classified as a girl or boy form the start due to their genetic coding and physical attributes. But internally, the child, in my opinion, should respectfully have their own choice of who they want to be. But due to outside pressures and the so called "norm" lifestyle, children have to choose at a young age who they are. And it's not only for their guardian's sake but their family, friends, and even themselves. The child can live as responsible and kind hearted boy towards his guardians and family but then when the child makes friends, they can have a whole different identity. So this LEGO commercial gender identity experiment really opened my eyes to some issue right in front of me, but never actually came to my senses about until now. 


So basically I say after this Maker Monday challenge,

be who YOU want to be


Mayhem in WH

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Since February 2015, I moved into my late Grandma Betty's beach cottage in West Haven. This was my first time ever moving. I was a little hesitant but living here now has been actually rewarding. I am literally up the street from one of the many beaches in West Haven and my favorite beach, Lake St, is two blocks away. I can literally just pack a tote and put my backpack chair on my back, and walk to my relaxation.

But also since February, we have been under renovation. My grandma and her four sons, including my father, never lived with insulation their walls, wood panelling was everywhere, and not accommodating features. There was even a half bathroom underneath the stairs like how Harry Potter had his bedroom underneath the stairs.  Should I mention that I don't even currently have a door for my room just because of the way this house is set up? It's pretty annoying to have to yell out to everyone that I'm changing so no one walks in to a full moon!

This house held four boys and one hell of a mother for 87 years. Because my father was one of the sons, he feels as though it's his duty to basically do all the reno work by himself. He doesn't want anyone to do work he can do because that's what his father did in the house before he passed. 

So before you say, you are stressed out, step into my shoes for a day and be thankful. 



The New Literacies of Online Research and Comprehension: Assessing and Preparing Students for the 21st Century With Common Core State Standards

2 min read

The New Literacies of Online Research and Comprehension: Assessing and Preparing Students for the 21st Century With Common Core State Standards was definitely a mouthful of a title but the article was extremely educational to say the least. This piece discussed the ways of being able to teach students the ways of online research and comprehension. I was really interested in how the first paragraph discussed how new literacies becomes new and different every single day. I never really knew that so I did my own research and saw how the literacy really does change every single day.  As I read on, I really thought the ORCA Project is such a good starting point for teachers to see how well their students comprehend their own research. The ORCA Project stands for Online Research and Comprehension Assessment and they use two tests to see how well students can evaluate and analyze their online research sources. This project conducted this assessment back in 2012, so now I am curious if students have had more success in searching in 2015 from this assessment. Overall though, this article was chalk full of information but did give me a better sense of how students are learning and researching the Internet properly in ways to better their studies and even, their life. 



Dr. Maddern at your service!

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Mozilla Thimble made another fun tool for me to remix the Internet. This tool is called X-Ray Goggles. Yes, you read that correctly. This tool allows me to change all the CSS, HTML, etc codes on any website to make it a personal remix. In EDU 106, we had to use the X-Ray Goggles on a specific article and do three different tasks. 


The tasks that had to be completed were to make the article's author, Robert Walker, biography page more credible and less credible. Then I had to produce a personal About Me Bio link where I also used Mozilla Thimble to make, to direct Walker's article to a whole different biography page.

The links below are my projects that I did.


More Credibility


Less Credibility


New Bio Page


I had a fun time using Mozilla's Thimble X-Ray Goggles but I do have some feedback. Every time I clicked on any part of the article/bio page to change the coding, I highlighted all the code text, went to delete it with my backspace button and ran into an issue. I'm assuming that the X-Ray Goggles weren't necessarily all the way loaded in order to change up the focused area so if I tried deleting the text, I would be brought back to the front of the text and the text would still be there. It was more of an annoying glitch I'd say but I just hope it can be fixed in the future so I can keep being tech-savvy as days go on without any issues.

Enjoy my creativity!