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"Your identity is a commodity"

2 min read

Yesterday's class was interesting to say the least. At first, we had our usual Maker Monday challenge. This week's challenge focused more on our module, identity. We used a gender remix website that included various video and sound clips of LEGO toys. Using our trackpad on our own laptop, each one of us in the class had to drag one clip from the Girl's side and Boy's side, into either the movie clip or sound clip box. After that simple maneuver, we pressed the "Mash-Up" button and a video played of whatever video clip was chosen with the selected added audio.

After rearranging the video and sound clips, it was evident that girls and boys' toys start giving gender identity roles at such a young age. Each girl video or sound had such a cheerful voice, actual feminine, girl characters to use, bright colors. Each boy video or sound had a manlier voice, showed violence, and even had a parental warning telling children to ask their parents/guardians before playing.

I never thought that children would be so exposed to making a choice of their gender identity. I know that when a child is born, they are classified as a girl or boy form the start due to their genetic coding and physical attributes. But internally, the child, in my opinion, should respectfully have their own choice of who they want to be. But due to outside pressures and the so called "norm" lifestyle, children have to choose at a young age who they are. And it's not only for their guardian's sake but their family, friends, and even themselves. The child can live as responsible and kind hearted boy towards his guardians and family but then when the child makes friends, they can have a whole different identity. So this LEGO commercial gender identity experiment really opened my eyes to some issue right in front of me, but never actually came to my senses about until now. 


So basically I say after this Maker Monday challenge,

be who YOU want to be