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Today has already been so productive. I woke up around 7 A.M. and attended my APRN appointment in New Haven at 8:30 A.M. After that important appointment, I decided to treat myself to some scrumptious breakfast at Cedarhurst Cafe. I had some healthy avocado egg toast with a iced Dirty Chai tea. The only reason I stopped at this little but delish cafe was because my friend Abby works there and I never get to see her with both of our busy schedules. After my flavorful meal, I went to Southern. Keep in mind, I don't have classes on Friday so you can tell I wasn't excited to be there on my day off. I had an Academic Advising meeting with Joanne and I had such bad anxiety. I was so worried of her answering my questions but to my surprise, it was the most useful and simplest meetings I've had thus far at the school. Not only did I get all my questions answers, Joanne was able to questions I didn't even ask! Now, I have to gym it and then have the rest of the day free with my sister, who lives in Massachusetts, came home for the weekend. Did I mention I finished all my important tasks before 11 A.M? 


Breakfast of Champions

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