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Working in/at Public

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Each reading I have to annotate, I keep getting surprised at how much I enjoy and relate to each one. The second reading for this module was named Working in/at Public by Robin DeRosa. This reading started with this little introduction, explaining that the Digital Pedagogy held it's first ever institute from August 10-14, 2015 where Hybrid Pedagogy sponsored to Fellows to it, one being the author and then Stephan Barnard. It also mentioned that this article I was going to read was a contribution from Robin DeRosa in response of her time at the Institute and the complications that Critical Digital Pedagogy made. I thought having a little background information in an introduction like this article had defiantly allowed me to understand what I am about to read compared to being so confused on what I was reading. As I read on, I learned how DeRosa defiantly paid attention at this Institute. She talk about a keynote speaker named Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab and how she had issues over a tweet she sent out. Because it was her opinion, Professor Goldrick-Rab reserved a bunch of criticism from others, disagreeing with her views. I agree with how she had backlash because as a volunteer assistant lacrosse coach at my old high school, I do engage in social media so when I do tweet, I do feel hesitate to even tweet. I get nervous as to what my players may come back at me with and I don't have time for that nonsense. The article went on with DeRosa discussing how the public is really public compared to what others may believe. One quote in particular states, "The public is not just a place we might be willing to work in; it's a place we must be willing to work at." I agreed that in order to have any type of success in life, everyone must put their effort at working towards the public compared to just working the inners of the project at hand, not focusing on the big picture at hand. So after this reading, I defiantly related how the public universe, particularly on the internet, really does interfere with actual life.