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Small Differences Matter: The DNA of Online Reading Comprehension

2 min read

Even though, I listen to Professor J Greg McVerry every week with his usual lecture about the modules, anything about New Literacies, or his interesting life, having to read a personal piece was engaging. The main focus of this piece was Online Reading Comprehension aka our current module. I thought McVerry starting off the piece with expressing how chimpanzees are only 2% different from humans to then compare how online reading and traditional reading have many similarities than differences as well was a great example. This example made me imagine how very similar and not so different things can be in online reading comprehension. McVerry went on explaining how text assembly, socially complex texts, and multimodal designs are all key factors in online reading comprehension. I agree that all these elements defiantly impact my reading online because when inviting colors, layouts, and fonts are used, I become more interested in reading the whole entire article. But if I see a dull grayscale, times new roman, basic layout article, I would probably skim the article just to find the important factors. McVerry explained online reading Comprehension very well and easy enough for anyone to understand which I appreciate the most. 

Kudos to my intelligent professor in writing an actual enjoyable article!