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Shelly, not the one who sold seashells at the seashore🐚🌊

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Who would think that this semester is coming to an end? Not this lady.

In the last module, I had to read a few articles and I try to read the first one that pops out the most for me. The one that popped the most was named Shelly Terrell: Global Netweaver, Curator, PLN Builder by Howard Rheingold. The article stood out the most because the website was very inviting with the color scheme and exciting fonts.

Now you are probably trying to understand the title of this blog post. I'll get to that.

Howard Rheingold decided he really wanted to include social media in the classroom setting but had no knowledge of doing so. He reminded me of how I was back in the beginning of this semester and in all the subjects involved in this class. He went all over the web to find people who sought to learn how to "grow a personal learning network" (PLN) and stumbled upon a learning innovator named Will Richardson who then brought him to Shelly Terrell via Twitter conversations in the chat named . The was for people in the field of education who come together at a certain time and day each week to discuss educational topics on the social media website, Twitter.

From the program, Skype, Howard and Shelly were able to video chat and she expressed how she expressed in great, easy to understand detail about teaching by the use of social media. Shelly, to my surprise was from the other side of the world in the country of Turkey. She calls PLNs "passionate learning network" because she believes that it's YOU who has the option of choosing the people you want to connect with and learn from instead of choosing at a random. Shelly starts teaching her students the world of PLN by starting them off with blogs. Shelly states I get them to start out with blogs, shows them how to participate by commenting. They see how the conversation evolves. After they get comfortable, I encourage them to begin looking at other tools. Like our students, teachers evolve at different paces...You have to participate to build community." Shelly is not only a teacher but a tech savvy educator who obviously doesn't sell seashells at the seashore...HA

Shelly really did help Howard and myself how engaging students in the use of social media as a learning experience isn't as heard as it possibly can be. 

I can easily see Shelly's and hopefully Howard's students blogging as excitedly like Cookie from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide