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Reading Images: Multimodality, Representation and New Media

2 min read

The 2nd reading for this module (Online Content Construction) was by Gunther Kress and defiantly was not one of the best readings I have had to read for this class. Most of the readings for EDU 106 has been intriguing and actually motivated to read more than I am supposed to but this one was a total bore. I believe that there was entirely too many random examples in this reading to help the reader understand what he was talking about. In example, Kress started off with an example with a illustration of a cell and nucleus. Why did Kress have to spring to a whole different subject for the next example. I barely understood them either. I think the whole reason for writing this piece was for Kress to explain the issue of ways of writing info vs illustrating it in order to retain and absorb the information each provided. Writing in my opinion does give a helping hand in remembering factual info but I believe that using illustrations also give factual information but visually lets someone learn what they are reading with pictures referencing what they are learning. But overall, I did not emjoy reading this piece but I understood somewhat Kress was trying to explain.....I think.


So Gunther Kress,