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Look Mom & Dad, I can blog!

2 min read

As the title of this posting says, I finally reached a milestone in blogging. I can now confidently say that blogging isn't as hard as I once thought it was going to be. At first, I had no doubt in my mind that I would be easily confused with starting a blog and basically dread each time I would have to post anything in it for this class. But now, I genuinely enjoy having to post an analysis of Twitter chats, annotations of short readings based on technology, or even just about everyday life. 

I mentioned how I had to create a blog for this particular class, , to my aunt who is months away from retirement. She was ecstatic to hear that I know how to actually compose such technology because she has had some thought in making one as soon as she's retired. I am glad I can actually help someone in making themselves a new form of technology to be seen all over the world wide web. 

I really do I hope to continue with blogging after this class is over and that I learn even more about enhancing my life with technology. 





^(I just love Seinfeld so this gif just had to be added)