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Today in my class, Professor McVerry had us remix a photo in our "Monday Maker Challenge." Each Monday, Professor makes up creative technological experiments for us to complete then post to our class stream. This challange was to use the websites of and in remixing two photos into one completely different picture. 

Due to the New York Rangers hockey team starting their 2015-2016 season this Wednesday, I decided to remix a picture of a hockey puck with the NYR's logo and the number two. Finding each picture on Flikr was simple enough. All I had to do was type in the search box what I was looking for, press the Enter key, and the website loaded all images that pertain the subject that was searched. Professor McVerry told us to only use photos with the liscense, "Modifications allowed," from the drop down menu when searching a photo. This allows others to take a picture and modify it to whaever they would like. 

After saving each photo I found and wanted to use in my remixed photo, I went on and opened up the puck picture first then layered it with the number two photo so it was covering the puck. With the eraser tool on this picture editor, I was able to "erase" the filling of the two to show the puck photo. From this website, I was able to remix a photo much easier and funnier than I would ever expect to. I hope to make more photo remixes in the duture...even tomorrow quite even!