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Hey now, hey now!

2 min read

While checking social media this mrning, on Facebook I saw that a friend of mine put that is now on the NY Yankees.


So I clicked the link he had and it seemed a bit fishy but I still wanted to figure out if this was just a prank or legit. Tommy is actually a really good baseball pitcher so I didn't know what I think.

After reading the little article, the screen changed to this below:

I was pretty embarrassed to say the least to be one of the 274 people who fell for this joke. I read on to find out that I could create my own too with this website. It reminded of a previous lesson I did for this EDU 106 class. I was able to remix websites by using Mozilla's XRay Goggles. 

I clicked the button below and was sent to this personalization form.

Overall, this blog post was written to show that remixing has been in front of me way before this class started and I never put it together until now. 

All I know is that I'm impressed social media for wanting to explore, edit, and personalize the web to what you want as much as Professor McVerry wants his students to do everyday.