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Dr. Maddern at your service!

2 min read

Mozilla Thimble made another fun tool for me to remix the Internet. This tool is called X-Ray Goggles. Yes, you read that correctly. This tool allows me to change all the CSS, HTML, etc codes on any website to make it a personal remix. In EDU 106, we had to use the X-Ray Goggles on a specific article and do three different tasks. 


The tasks that had to be completed were to make the article's author, Robert Walker, biography page more credible and less credible. Then I had to produce a personal About Me Bio link where I also used Mozilla Thimble to make, to direct Walker's article to a whole different biography page.

The links below are my projects that I did.


More Credibility


Less Credibility


New Bio Page


I had a fun time using Mozilla's Thimble X-Ray Goggles but I do have some feedback. Every time I clicked on any part of the article/bio page to change the coding, I highlighted all the code text, went to delete it with my backspace button and ran into an issue. I'm assuming that the X-Ray Goggles weren't necessarily all the way loaded in order to change up the focused area so if I tried deleting the text, I would be brought back to the front of the text and the text would still be there. It was more of an annoying glitch I'd say but I just hope it can be fixed in the future so I can keep being tech-savvy as days go on without any issues.

Enjoy my creativity!