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Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

1 min read

W. Ian O. Byrne wrote such a short piece but it packed in so much information. This piece was named, Construction and/or Creation of Online Content. As I read it, I became a lot more motivated to read on than I thought I was going to be. Overall, the reading was about two online concepts and how it each was expressed and used. The two topics Byrne discussed were Online Reading Comprehension and Online Content Construction. What I thought was very interactive of Byrne to do was put a question as a heading of a new set of paragraphs where he then answered that question in them. He described how each person as the ability to make something from the use of the internet, "Creation can be viewed simply as the act of producing, or causing to exist. Construction is equal parts inspiration and perspiration." From this EDU 106/New Literacies class though, I do feel as though I am participating in what Byrne wants the world to do and that is to construct and create online content to better everyone's knowledge from creative tools.